Standard Penetrometer For Soil


MaterialMild Steel
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic
UsageStrength characteristics of fine and grained of in situ soils.

Standard Cone Penetrometer, (Dial Type, with Digital Timer), the apparatus is used to determine the liquid limit of soil which have low plasticity index. The moisture percentage contents determined when cone with half angle of 30° under a total sliding weight of approx 148gm penetrates 25mm in soil sample gives the liquid limit. The weight of cone together with shaft is approx 80gms. The apparatus consists of a cast aluminium base with an iron stand on which moves aluminium arm. A 15cm dial is fixed on this arm. The dial is graduated from 0-400 in one tenth millimeter sub division. The Apparatus is supplied complete with standard cup of dimension 50mm dia x 50mm depth. Digital Timer Box is supplied with the apparatus to automatically stop penetration after desired time duration.


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