Slake Durability Apparatus ASTM D4644

The machine consist of a digital display for the visualization of the residual testing time (10 minutes as per ASTM D4644). The tank assemblies are filled with water to a level 20 mm below the drum axis. The water level is indicated by a mark.
The testing drums are manufactured from 2.00 mm wire mesh, 140 mm dia. x 100 mm long. Two drums are already included in standard set , if you want two additional ones then it can be ordered separately.


Globetrek Engineering Corporation has developed this machine as per ASTM D4644 for assessing the deterioration of rocks over a period of time when subjected to water immersion . This apparatus made up of a motorized drive unit mounted on a baseplate and connected to 2 or 4 drums which rotate at a speed of 20 r.p.m.


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