Orsat Gas Analysis Apparatus 3 Test Method

  • Orsat Gas Analysis Apparatus 3 Test Method

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    Globetrek Engineering Corporation  is a leading exporter of superior quality Orsat Gas Analyser  at most affordable prices. Globetrek Orsat Gas Analysis Apparatus includes Рthree absorption pipettes of two compartment type, 100 ml Gas Burette with outer jacket, manifold with stopcocks, and aspirator bottle, for the analysis of CO, O2, CO2 particularly in fuel and furnace gases, Complete in wooden cabinet with sliding doors.

    3 Test Set Apparatus include following

    • Comprising of levelling bottle
    • Gas burette with outer jacket
    • Three absorption pipettes
    • 3-test manifold
    • Calciumchloride tube and rubber below,in wooden-case with sliding doors


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